Top 13 Mobile Apps Development Companies in Nairobi,kenya in 2018

Keith wachira
Keith wachira
Jun 10, 2018 10 min read

70% of your mobile app success will be determined by the developer you choose.That is why we have taken the liberty to compile the top mobile apps development companies in Nairobi,kenya in 2018. This is to help you choose the best developer for your app.Some companies will frustrate your effort  by adding unnecessary extra charges ranging from maintenance fee but we have filtered all this companies and chosen the best for you.

1. Kenya app experts

The mobile application company was founded by the brain child of Codesahara(a start up that offers  mobile application development courses in kenya).

The fact that they have home grown developers and a pool of the best developers to choose from gives them an upper hand when it comes to choosing the  best developer for a specific niche.

Most of the top kenyan apps have either been developed by kenya app experts or the alumni who graduate from their school.

When it comes to pricing they are fair as they outline the criteria they use to get the cost of a mobile application.Their have been known to develop sleek android,ios and cross platform mobile applications for any sector.

They also provide website development and design solutions.Some of their in house software are worth looking at such as storekenya which was voted as one of the best in startup  instabul, 2018.

You can follow their blogs to get more of what the company offers.

2. Andela Kenya

Andela whose main objective is to help in building a generation of technology leaders has been in the forefront on providing the best mobile app solutions.For any company that may require a permanent developer on a contract basis may approach them and they will provide a well trained programmer for you.They also provide website services and solution.In the recent days they have teamed up with major companies to provide mobile application courses and website application courses to any interested youths through their Andela learning community.

3. Intrepid

Established in 2004 the company pride in the experience of age.They are known for the development of secure mobile apps.They have a good web design and development team.They majorly specialize in making android mobile apps.They are located in Sifa towers ring road Kilimani nairobi,kenya.They also offer payment intergrations and Safaricoms Mpesa api integration which has become a major requirement for any app in the recent days due to the explosion of digital modes of payment especially Mpesa.Domain Hosting is also one of their specialization.They have dedicated servers and provide very good services.

4. Umptech android developers,Nairobi kenya

The company believes that smart ideas incites perfect execution.Their are known to develop smart and business ready android applications and desktop applications.It has in many occasion been recognized for its good work.Digital marketing is another field they venture in and have been known to excel.

5. Kis Devs app developers

The upcoming mobile app developers develop apps for many platforms ranging from android mobile phones.One of the android mobile app the company has developed is kenya online that provides news events and movies,It has very good rating on the playstore.

6. Elan telemedia ltd

The company was formed by highly experienced It professionals interested in offshore mobile applications development.,They design ios,iphone and cross platform mobile apps for clients around nairobi,kenya.They endevour to provide innovative mobile and website solutions to todays rapidly expanding market.It helps its clients stay ahead of the competitors and maintain superial and eliminate obstacles.Their website design and development team is also known to be a great deal.

7. Competa millman

The company was started in march 2010 by university of Nairobi students.originally working under the name Bti millman.The team started developing custom web and mobile solutions for the kenya market and have continued to do so.The app developers are known for creating responsive app for all platforms.

8. Smart web Kenya

Their clients testimonial says it all, they have proven to provide  clean mobile solutions and website design  and development.They have worked with companies such as  MICRODE CONSULT Limited.The well known company  specializes in search engine optimization which  has become very important especially to small scale businesses.The company which started by offering website and design solutions has evolved over the year to accommodate  mobile app development in Nairobi,kenya due to the growing demand in the app development market.The company founded in 2013 is located at Located at View Park Towers, Utalii Lane.Do not hesitate to contact them as they have an ever ready support team.

9. Absolute corporate  solutions

The app developers located  in Nairobi, kenya are a full scale  company that helps to maintain and develop iPhone and android mobile application.They develop for all types of business but they majorly target startups and small businesses.They have a vision to make mobile apps become an inherent vision to todays businesses.

10. Phink digital

It is a digital experience design company in nairobi,kenya majorly specializing in website design and minoring in mobile app development.They ui/ux design represent your company brand without compromise.At Phinx they bet not to gamble  with your software but to provide the best solution for you.

11. Synacor

The app developers are located at  westland place off mai mahiu road.They help your business in adapting to the changing needs of enterprise, employees and mobile devices.They develop native android,ios windows and cross platform apps that deliver good user experience.They  supply computer hardwares and provide website design and development services.Their core value is something interesting to look at as it shows how unique and eager the company is.

12. Crimson technologies

Known for Specializing in development of ios (iPhone) mobile application.Another sector they major in is provision of cross platform application through crimson mobility platform that enable you to write one app and deploy it on multiple platforms.They also deal with networking installation and maintenance for big and small businesses.They hold a gold level platform certification with Microsoft east Africa.

13. Small Developers

Small is the new big.(that is certainly their motto).It comprise a small group of mobile developers and website designers who claim to specialize in creating modern styled website mobile application  to capture your audience attention.They have a team to do creative marketing and branding  for your software if in the long run you need such services.Their portfolio is amazing  with many inbuilt software which shows creativity and willingness to succeed.

 Criteria used to choose the Top  Mobile Apps Development Companies in Nairobi,kenya in 2018

     1.Client satisfaction and feedback

Top 15 Mobile Apps Development Companies in Nairobi,kenya in 2018

Customer feedback is very crucial and the most important way to gauge a business.We checked every facebook page and twitter accounts to see the customers rating for each of the company.Most of the company above have a rating of a above 4.3.We later checked their portfolio for mobile application and solution they have provided for their kenya clients.We then analyzed the user comment on playstore,to gauge what level of service and user experience they give to clients.Most of this mobile solution providers we have compiled have the best apps in kenya.

2.Level of experience

Uniqueness and  well crafted mobile application is what will keep your user enganged.This skill of crafting highly addictive mobile solutions can only be achieve through experience and learning from failure and customer feedback.The longer the company has been in the market the higher the chances that it will offer high end ,innovative and inspirational mobile app suitable for the business environment.This does not necessary mean upcoming mobile apps developer and startup can not produce great work.Infact some of the companies with experience may not be up to per with the latest technology.However if you want business ready mobile solution at a fair cost it would be better to bet on those with more experience like Kenya app experts. or Andela.

All in you should also consider the cost of developing a mobile application in kenya since some of the experienced may overcharge.

3.Google ranks for the company

Top Mobile app developers in nairobi kenya|kenya app experts

Google provides insight on how good a company is.For the most part it ranks companies  according to experience and ratings.You can also check the company on google.For example a simple search such as Top 13 Mobile Apps Development Companies in Nairobi,kenya in 2018 should yield the best company ranked from the best.Most of the great companies will either be on the first or second page.You can then visit the company facebook or twitter page  to get people reaction and comments on the companies services.However you should take care of clicking ads since most of the ads are for those mobile app development companies that have paid to be ranked first.In the long run google is the best provider to the best answer so you should highly consider it.

4. Cost of developing a mobile app

We also considered the pricing models the companies use.They is no need of paying so much money for a mobile app development and in the end have no money to do the marketing with.An idea without marketing is as good as dead.Most of the company we included have a fair pricing model for mobile development and web design.Most use the features the app has to price  which basically makes a lot of sense. However we recommend asking for a quote from several mobile development companies to know which one is the best for you.Nairobi at this time is flocking with so many mobile development companies due to the rise of so many free mobile development courses so you cannot miss one which suits you.

5.Company portifolio

We thoroughly checked company portfolio to get a clear understanding of the niche they serve best so as to give a variety.Some are better suited for financial mobile application.Some specialize in social media and agricultural mobile solution.But if you are not looking for financial mobile solutions there is no harm with approaching any company.Checking the portfolio to see their past work should atleast be one of the things you do.

6.Trust worthiness of the company

Best and trusted Mobile application development company in nairobi, kenya|kenya app experts

Nothing is  more frustrating than a mobile app developer who cannot be trusted.Some will promise to deliver your product on a certain day and fail to deliver.We took care of evaluating the trustworthiness of this mobile development companies and provided those who have high integrity and maturity of delivering what they promised.They is no need of delaying the launch of your mobile application because a  developer is pulling you back.You should  make sure the developer has an insurance company covering for any unprofessional conduct.

We  filtered out some company that have been known to steal clients ideas and making them their products.You should however protect your idea with a patent when approaching a mobile app developer since some of them may not have integrity.


Tips Of Choosing The best Mobile Application Developers in Nairobi,Kenya

Always consider this when choosing a company to develop your software:

1.Check for the cost effectiveness.

2.Check for the company reputation

3.How friendly the company is to its clients.

4.Confirm they have technical efficient developers for quality assurance.

5.Time the company promises to deliver the product

6.The niche of your mobile application

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we have provided our thought of what we think are the best mobile app development company in Nairobi,kenya in 2018.However some more companies are emerging up.In the long run it all depends on the mobile solution and the niche of you application.You may also decide to go with a freelance developer but before considering a freelancer consider going through this list.Solution such as posting your job at kuhustle are also valid but come with the side effect in that you will not communicate directly with your developer.Assembling a permanent app development team can  be an option but rather costly .We believe you are now ready to take your idea to the next level.Cheers success in your endeavors.