This is a Mobile app and website designed to help local business owners in nairobi, kenya open shops online.After realizing that each business gets more Customers from the internet storekenya came with the innovative idea to help all business owners open an online shop.

RidgeWays Church app

This is an android app developed to helps the Ridgeways Nairobi church pass announcement,sermons and chats to the church member.It keeps everyone updated and always know what is happening regardless of their location

Hubble Innovation limited

This is a platform that teaches kids how to use technology Through blended learning methodology that combines smart technology and facilitator-driven classroom training, which creates structured early learning interventions.

Money Is Fun Limited

Money is fun is an android app and website that helps kids to run how to manage money.It also shows them the importance of saving.This mobile app helps kids to grow into responsible adults with full knowledge of how to manage their money and how money is earned .

Kenaview Africa

This is a Mobile app and website designed for Kenaview Africa Properties which helps to solve the hustle of finding a house to rent.It connect landlords and tenant.It also allows for ease management of properties by the land lords.The platform hopes to solve the high agent cost fee

Codesahara limited

‘This is a website designed to offers online programming courses in nairobi,kenya to those who realize technology is the key to the future.It helps teenager run the importance of coding this allowing them to turn their ideas into reality.


This is an android and ios application that helps customers,in Nairobi kenya locate nearby business.It helps in navigation to the required service thus one can easily get the service they want to get.This help tourists navigate to any place with desired

Faida loan is a mobile app that provides short term loans to its customers.The android and ios application helps clients get loans to fund their businesses with a small interest on repayment.This was an idea to curb the wrong bank take to process a loan

Be There Event Manager

Be There believes that event should be easy to manage.Be there helps event manager to manage events and invite people to attend them through social media.It also allows sharing videos and photos and buying of tickets.The mobile app also provides diretions to the users

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