Introduction and Installation Of Python

Introduction and Installation of python

This is the first lesson in our python course.

What is Python

Python is an interpreted high-level programming language for general-purpose programming

Python’s simple,easy to learn syntax emphasizes readabilty and therefore reduces the cost of program maintenance.


They are two variant of python:

1.Python 2

2.Python 3

Since python 2 will not be maintained as from 2020 we are going to install python 3.

Note: our online interpreter uses python 2

Installing Python 3 on Mac OS

The latest version of Mac OS X, High Sierra, comes with Python 2.7 out of the box.

You do not need to install or configure anything else to use Python 2. These instructions document the installation of Python 3.

we are going to use Homebrew to install python if you have not yet installed homebrew you can follow this guide to install it.

Install HomeBrew

Homebrew installs the stuff you need. Homebrew is a package manager for Mac OS

open the terminal and paste the following command to install Homebrew

Install Python3 with Brew

Enter the command below in terminal to install python3

Watch video to install Python 3 on Mac

Installing Python 3 on Linux

If you are using Ubuntu 16.10 or newer, then you can easily install Python 3.6 with the following commands:

If you’re using another version of Ubuntu (e.g. the latest LTS release), we recommend using the deadsnakes PPA to install Python 3.6:

If you are using other Linux distribution, chances are you already have Python 3 pre-installed as well. If not, use your distribution’s package manager. For example on Fedora, you would use dnf:

Installing Python 3 on Windows

They are many ways to install python on windows

Follow this tutorial to install it on windows or watch the video below

Testing The Python3 Installation

With python3 installed on your computer its time to test your installation.

open the terminal and type the following command

This will launch the Python 3 interpreter.

Your output should resemble the below:

Thank you for following this tutorial.Meet You In the next lesson where i will teach you the python basics..Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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